HTC M10 can be presented in two versions

This morning it was announced that HTC is not going to be of the M10 HTC flagship smartphone at the upcoming conference MWC 2016. Instead, the company will hold its own event, which is scheduled for March. Now the network has a new insider of the unannounced device.

Authoritative likster @LlabTooFeR posted two tweets, which claims that HTC M10 (which has the code name Parfume) will be launched with Android 6.0.1 and Sense 8.0. Moreover, he believes that HTC will present two versions of the device for different markets.

Insider says that Europe and the United States will have a smartphone with the Snapdragon 820, and in the countries of Southeast Asia and China will be able to buy a model with a chip from MediaTek. To get a chance to win in the battle with the other flagships, HTC will need to release a smartphone with the best features and specifications.

The only problem remains the price, partly because failure One M8 and the One M9 was that there were several smartphones with similar feature sets, but the lower cost.

Hopefully, the company will pay attention to his flagship, not only the individual measure but also the advantages of smarfona.

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