HTC One M10 appeared in several leaks

HTC is nice to have calculated the time to introduce their next flagship, which can get HTC One name M10. It is expected that HTC will introduce the device coming this month, and the stores it will appear in May, and now the smartphone has appeared on the company’s website.

HTC One M10 appeared in several leaks

What is even more interesting – this alleged photo taken on the camera One M10. According to rumors, the device will receive a 12-megapixel sensor with larger pixels and laser autofocus. Also, the picture you see, is accompanied by the data EXIF ​​DATA, which confirm the f / 1.9 aperture.

For comparison, the lens was One M9 aperture f / 2.2 lens. It is also known that the photo is made in resolving 2250h4000 pixels, which is a 9-megapixel pictures in 16: 9 format, but it might just be one of the shooting modes, and we will not be surprised to see a 12-megapixel photos in 4: 3 format.

In any case, the war smartphone cameras will be unprecedented this year. Galaxy S7 with a pixel size of 1.4 microns and autofocus Dual Pixel, points, double wide-angle camera and LG G5 hybrid autofocus camera with Xperia Z, it seems, HTC companies really need to come up with an impressive camera experience to remain competitive.

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