HTC posted the report for the 4th quarter

Throughout the year, HTC has failed. Despite the launch of several exciting smartphone manufacturer has failed to increase their profits.

HTC posted the report for the 4th quarter

A few hours ago the Taiwanese technology giant released its financial report for the 4th quarter of 2015, ended December 31, 2015.

The consolidated results show a continuation of the positive trend for HTC, although the company is still far from break-even.

According to the company, the net loss HTC is about $ 101 million. For comparison, in the previous three months, the company lost $ 139 million, and in the 2nd quarter loss amounted to $ 252 million, so that the upward trend is clearly visible.

Revenue is listed on the $ 766 million level that stop the free fall that the company has experienced over the past year.

During the quarter, the growth in part can be correlated with the warm reception HTC One A9 in Asia, the US and Europe, as well as the Desire series, which sold well during the holidays.

It seems that in the finance company emerges positive trends, but companies need to continue to work on their products and allow as little as possible errors, to get out of the protracted crisis.

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