HTC received a minimum profit per month

HTC received a minimum profit per month

It is no secret that HTC had not the best dvenadtsatb months. Starting with the announcement of its flagship unit One M9 in the past year, the Taiwanese manufacturer profits fell during 2015.

HTC received a minimum profit per month

While for the most part this failure wine M9 is not the only factor. The failure of the smartphone will only exacerbate the financial problems of the company, which for many years trying to rebuild itself in the smartphone market, and the financial results only continue to deteriorate.

HTC has released a financial report for February on their site, and according to him, the company received $ 128.5 million in revenue for the month. The site covers the financial data the last ten years of existence, and these figures represent the lowest income, breaking the record of nine years ago.

With this result also are fairly steep decline in comparison with the previous month, with a reduction in revenues by over 35% compared to the same period. Ao compared to the same month last year, the company’s earnings fell by almost 55%.

Despite the terrible figures from HTC, the company is not hopeless. the company will soon introduce a new flagship called HTC 10, and depending on the success of the device, and may help to curb the situation. In addition, the company is preparing to launch its brand Vive VR headset in May this year, and according to data from HTC, the device has already received a large number of pre-orders.

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