HTC reported for the third quarter

To say that the financial position of the company HTC is a bit complicated, it would be an understatement. Over the past few months, we are constantly informed about the constantly decreasing income and the rapidly falling prices of shares of the company. HTC reported for the third quarter.

HTC reported for the third quarter

Unfortunately, the company’s troubles did not end there – a net loss of HTC for the three-month period, which began on 1 July and ended on 30 September, approximately $ 138 million. This contrasts sharply with a small profit last year – $ 18.5 million revenue company HTC has dropped substantially over the year with ~. $ 1.29 billion to $ 658 million.

But not so bad – the price of the company’s stock rose to $ 65. That’s $ 25 more than the anti-record, which was achieved on August 24 when HTC shares was assessed at $ 40.35.

As a result, HTC is going to carry out internal restructuring, and unfortunately for their employees, a round of job cuts. Hopefully, this will help once the largest producer of feet.

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