HTC revealed plans to design these devices

If you liked the design of the recently announced smartphone from HTC, One A9, then you are happy for this news.

HTC revealed plans to design these devices

Jack Tong, HTC president of North Asia, said that since the A9, HTC smartphone design moves into the next phase.

As the M series flagships, and the Desire range that covers smartphones from entry-level to mid-range, get a similar look to the A9, which, according to Jack Tong, HTC One is the evolution of design.

Unfortunately, the president did not say anything about smartphones materials. HTC One A9 comes with an aluminum body and M-series will almost certainly stick to the metal. It would be quite interesting if the company has released a low metal device.

The fate of the other design elements, such as the 2.5D curved glass and a fingerprint scanner also remained unknown. However, what we can learn when HTC will start to produce new devices.

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