Huawei demonstrated success in the international market

Huawei is pretty confident feeling in the domestic market. But what about international sales? Based on new information, the company is on the right track.

Huawei demonstrated success in the international market

According to the latest information of Chinese analysts, Huawei has shipped more than 40% of its smartphones outside the domestic market. It’s a pretty impressive figure, given that the company managed to sell over 100 million units in 2015.

Huawei has sold a total of 109,015 million units last year, with an annual growth rate of about 45%. Of these, 63 million smartphones were shipped in the domestic market in China, which is approximately 58%. The remaining 42% of smartphones were shipped out of the country.

Even with such impressive figures, both domestically and globally, the company failed to take first place in China. President of Xiaomi has announced that they have managed to sell more than 70 million smartphones in the last year. Thus, Huawei were shifted to place three times.

While victory in China for Xiaomi, the company needs to go a long way to go to catch up with Huawei. The company has a very strong position on the international level, and their access to the US market with products such as the Huawei Honor 5x and Mate is 8, we can expect that Huawei will ship even more devices this year.

So Xiaomi can not easily close the gap between the two companies, which currently stands at over 30 million units.

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