Huawei Honor X3 present

Earlier today, we reported that Huawei will, most likely, will release its new flagship Huawei P9 is on exhibition CES 2016. Although we are not quite sure of the smartphone release from Huawei have a product that will appear exactly at the event.

Huawei Honor X3 present

Through teaser released now, we know that Huawei is going to introduce a tablet Honor X3 at CES, which will be held in Las Vegas. The teaser shows a thin metal device, which is accompanied by the words “Rhythm x Entertainment”.

Also, the teaser shows that the dynamics of the tablet will be located on the side. The specifications of the new tablet from Huawei may include the same processor Kirin 950, which made its debut in the flagship Huawei Mate is 8.

Through previous leaks, and we know the characteristics of the other devices. Honor X3 is rumored to get a 6.2-inch display with a 2K-resolution.

Since the launch of the tablet teaser confirms January 5, there are very little time before we get more information about Honor X3.

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