Huawei introduced its first VR-headset

Huawei introduced its first VR-headset

Currently, market virtual reality revolves around the two main segments: the headset for PC users and headset for owners of mobile devices. And while in VR segment for mobile devices with their leader Samsung Gear VR, it seems that the company will have a competitor in the face of Huawei, which announced a VR-headset that supports the three flagship smartphones.

Huawei introduced its first VR-headset

By way of using Huawei is no different from Samsung headset and does not yet have a name so long as it is called Huawei VR. In any case, the headset has a removable front cover and a special place for a smartphone.

Apparently, the VR-headset is compatible with most of the latest flagship of the company, namely – Huawei and P9 P9 Plus is, as well as to cheer large 6-inch Huawei Mate 8. However, it is worth noting that all three of these smartphone has a display with a resolution of Full HD, as it means that they can not provide the best solution for virtual reality.

VR-headset from Huawei is equipped with an adjustable lens antiblue color filter as well as a touch panel, button «ago» and the volume rocker on the right side. The headset offers a 95-degree field of view, which is only 1 ° menshe8v compared with Samsung Gear VR, and reportedly, this is the first headset of its kind that provides a 360-degree sound.

With the launch of its VR-headset, according to Huawei, it will be invited to 4000+ film, more than 40 games, 150 panoramic tours and more than 350 panoramic images, which will be available free of charge. However, the company has not announced any details on pricing or availability, so it may take some time before the VR-headset will be presented to consumers.

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