Huawei Mate S equip Force Touch and Incredible Touch

After the announcement of the Apple Watch, which are equipped with the technology Force Touch, many manufacturers have paid attention to this feature. ZTE Company became one of the first companies, which announced the introduction of the technology in its next smartphone. But, it seems, will not give Huawei’s colleague palm so simple.

Today, the company has posted two interesting teaser of the future flagship Huawei Mate S. First teaser clearly hints at the function Incredible Touch, which allows an application to open, drawing the first letter of its name. The conclusion is made from the text in the image, which provides «Now the camera really starts with «TO».

Huawei Mate S equip Force Touch and Incredible Touch

The second teaser published by Huawei, apparently, demonstrates that Huawei Mate S will have the Force Touch. As you can see, the picture depicts a finger that pushes the surface.

Earlier this month, a well-known insider @evleaks said that Huawei will equip its future flagship of the Force Touch technology. And it seems that information is confirmed.

In any case, the company will introduce its next flagship at the exhibition IFA 2015, and, as before the event in less than a week, soon we will be able to witness the unusual flagship Huawei.

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