Huawei Matebook – all that can be expected

Although the figures show that the growth of the computer and the tablet market is slowing, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei, are reportedly seeking to enter the industry.

Huawei Matebook - all that can be expected

These two giants of the smartphone business may soon release their first notebooks, which means that we may see stiff competition from these two manufacturers.

Unlike Xiaomi, which operates on a traditional laptop PC, Huawei is rumored, will introduce a hybrid laptop. And that’s what we should expect from him.

Firstly, as mentioned above, according to the latest rumors, Huawei is going to release a hybrid laptop, instead of the traditional. Although there are a limited number of laptops that can be used as a tablet, everything can change with the entry of Huawei in the industry.

Although Huawei and developed its own processor, according analitikshv, the company will use Intel’s decision to start running Windows 10 on your device.

But at the same time, one of the main features of the device can become an opportunity to dual-boot. Thus, when working with the device in laptop mode, users will download of Windows, while the tablet mode activates the Android operating system.

As the company said that the focus on business customers, not just consumers, in the device stylus may appear. This accessory is quite useful when working in tablet mode.

Huawei has repeatedly explained that they like to focus on premium products that can compete with the market leaders (eg, Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market). So Matebook may require more than $ 600 per purchase.

Even earlier rumor said that the hybrid laptop can be released already in 2016 at the MWC show. However, given that it would be released so soon no information on Huawei has not yet been received, it is unlikely that device.

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