Huawei published the financial results for 2015

Huawei published the financial results for 2015

Huawei perfectly proved themselves in the past year. The company managed to sell more than 100 million smartphones and climb on the podium of the market leaders in mobile devices. And judging by the latest report, the company everything is going pretty well.

Huawei published the financial results for 2015

In 2015, the Chinese manufacturer has received an annual revenue of 395 billion yuan ($ 61.1 billion), resulting in an annual increase of 37%. It is the largest annual revenue growth over the past seven years.

Huawei’s net profit for the year amounts to 36.9 billion yuan, up 32% more than the results of 2014, when the company earned 27.9 billion yuan. Mobile Division played the most important role in the company’s profits, with a jump of 44% in shipments.

Business networks in the company – which now accounts for about 59% of revenues – also showed a jump to 21.4% last year, mainly due to the emergence of China’s 4G mobile technologies.

The growth of the company Huawei, is «a direct result of the strategic focus and large investments in our core business»- Said Guo Ping, Huawei is one of the leaders. The company expects its annual revenues to grow to $ 75 billion this year.

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