Huawei surpassed Apple in China

Now the Android operating system is absolutely dominant in the Chinese market. In 2014, at its nearest competitor “green robot“ It accounted for about 25% of sales. Although Android’s share is divided among the various manufacturers, Huawei managed to overtake Apple.

Huawei surpassed Apple in China

Huawei is a dark horse, which in a short time was beat out in leaders. In 2014, the company sold 5% Android-smartphones worldwide. Earlier this year, Huawei’s increased this figure is almost three times, securing a 14% of the global smartphone market.

This is a pretty good result for the company, which has almost no presence in the US, and has only recently begun to conquer the European market. Huawei invasion of Europe was a hell of a success, but where Huawei really shown themselves perfectly – at home, in China.

While Apple’s sales growth declined significantly in 2014, Huawei captured 24.3% of the market. Thus, this Chinese company consolidates its status as a major global player in the production of smartphones, and they do not seem to intend to stop there.

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