Huawei were the top three smartphone makers

Over the last year Huawei was able to not only improve the quality of their devices, but also to attract interest in their products. The company has announced a number of devices shipped.

Huawei were the top three smartphone makers

Huawei report states that the company has shipped 100 million units, which brought the company to the third place among smartphone manufacturers.

Most were the difference between Huawei and deuce leaders is that most of the devices of the third-largest smartphone manufacturer located in China and other parts of Asia.

It spodviglo Huawei reoriented towards western markets in 2015 and in 2016. Will it help to overtake Samsung and Apple? While it is difficult to say exactly, but there is no doubt that, Huawei is now on the rise.

Huawei, most likely, will have to pay attention to the marketing and software. Huawei has proven that its products are of high quality materials and attractive design.

If Huawei will be able to find a way to make their software more friendly for the western market, the company will be able to count on success.

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