Huawei will be engaged in the production of its own GPU

Huawei has already equips the majority of its own smartphone processors Kirin. But the company is not going to stop.

Huawei will be engaged in the production of its own GPU

A new report from China is a speech that the world’s third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the future plans to develop its own GPU and flash memory chips.

Back in May it became known that KirinOS from Huawei was on the drawing board for three years and eventually reduce dependence on Huawei’s Android. The problem with KirinOS is in the absence of a fully stocked store for user applications.

Currently Kirin processors are equipped with graphics cards Mali, and there is hope that Huawei will be able to better optimize your chipset using your own graphics processor. This can lead to improved productivity of vehicles.

As for the flash memory chips, the company will be engaged in the design of the hardware component, and then combined with one of the industry-leading manufacturers, such as SK Hynix, Samsung or Micron Technology to produce.

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