Huawei will launch a hybrid laptop with dualbutom

Huawei is one of the largest manufacturers of devices from China, is preparing a new device. The manufacturer is reportedly working on a hybrid laptop PC running on Android and Windows systems.

Huawei will launch a hybrid laptop with dualbutom

Manufacturers are more focused on devices capable of loading two operating systems, but when it comes to the company Huawei, the manufacturer decided to stay one step ahead.

It is reported that this hybrid PC will be equipped with the ability to dualbuta, that is, the user can use both Operating System: Android with EMUI shell 10 and Windows simultaneously. Work PC is based on Intel processors.

Xiaomi has launched a tablet with dual compatibility of operating systems in the past year, and it seems that, Huawei is going to circumvent the competitor and note its entry into the PC industry with the launch of the hybrid laptop at the Mobile World Congress that will take place in Barcelona.

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