Huawei will release a smartphone with a screen for a 2K-VR

About a year ago, the CEO of Huawei, Yu Chengdong, expressed the view that the 2K display on a mobile device – this is an exaggeration, since the user’s eyes, there is virtually no difference when compared with the resolution of Full HD, so QHD will only degrade performance and battery life.

Huawei will release a smartphone with a screen for a 2K-VR

Today, Yu Chengdong Weibo posted in the answers to questions of the fans on 2K displays on Huawei devices. While in the past, he has called into question the usefulness of such displays on mobile devices, today it is recognized that many users would prefer to 2K resolution displays.

As he pointed out, “I’d have to be bought with 2K-screen device last year, as the power consumption was high and my eyes there is no difference. But now I’ve changed my mind and my next smartphone will be 2K, since I love VR!”.

Of course, virtual reality – it is a very promising market, and Huawei has, as one of the largest manufacturers of mobile devices in the world, he made his move, announcing his VR-headset. Display with a resolution 2560h1440 pixels are necessary for optimum performance the VR, and given that the company does not have such a smartphone, we anticipate that it will be soon.

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