IFixit appreciated the ease of repair OnePlus 2 to 7 of 10

OnePlus 2 is not the first time shown in the exploded view. Just a few days after the announcement IT168 team acquired the device and showed him all the stuffing. However, the aim was to demonstrate the IT168 directly in the machine. Now «flagships of the killer got into the hands of iFixit team, which featured the disassembly process.

IFixit appreciated the ease of repair OnePlus 2 to 7 of 10

autopsy procedure began with the X-ray image of the smartphone, in order to understand what dismantlers have to face. Removing the back cover does not require any effort, all because OnePlus has decided to follow the example of many manufacturers, offering design solutions removable rear panel.
Over the next panel to be a barrier, consisting of a plastic panel, which holds 18 screws. Under the plastic interlayer flaunts recognizable red device battery. It says that the battery is non-removable, however, rests on a small amount of glue, so the battery compartment on the smartphone is easy.

Then the team started to detach the camera and laser autofocus. They stay on the train and easily otschёlkivayutsya. The sensor main camera – Omnivision OV13860 PureCel-S, the model front camera – OmniVision OV5648. Craftsmen noted that the main camera has the largest cell svetochuvsvitelnye – 1.3 microns.

The parent unit is kept on a single charge cog, connector USB Type-C has only a few springs, and therefore its recovery proved an easy task.

On the motherboard are placed 810 Snapdragon processor, Qualcomm’s smartphone got audio codec Qualcomm WCD9330 and Wi-Fi module Qualcomm QCA6174 802.11ac Wi-Fi 2 × 2 MIMO.

Operational and the internal memory has made Samsung, this Samsung K3RG2G2 LPDDR4 module and flash drive Samsung KLMCG8GEND-B031.

At the end of the disassembly team evaluated maintainability OnePlus 2 to 7 points out of 10 possible. The reason for reducing the assessment served as a bonded screen and digitizer.
Detailed video disassemble the items you can see below.

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