IFixit spent removing Nexus 6P

A week ago, iFixit team checked maintainability LG Nexus 5X and dismantling of another Nexus was only a matter of time.
Unlike the Nexus 5X which was rated 7 out of 10 repairability, Huawei will be quite difficult to repair. In fact, the elimination of the smartphone problems – is a nightmare and the reason for this was the one-piece design.

IFixit spent removing Nexus 6P

To begin with, iFixit team observes that opening smartphone itself may cause damage to the protruding rear window of the unit. Secondly, quite a difficult extraction of the panel itself, because all the smartphone and remove each individual component should be disassembled to access it. Replacement Camera Camera Module also requires complete disassembly Nexus 6P and even removing the motherboard.

Last but not least, it showed «opening»Is a large amount of glue in the Nexus 6P, which is designed to hold the battery and back cover. Unlike the Nexus 5X, which used some glue. Although, there is a silver lining – the device battery is easily accessible.

As a result, the maintainability of the apparatus iFixit team estimates 2 out of 10 points.

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