In Flyme OS detected malicious code

In the assembly for developers, users Meizu found that Flyme OS has a number of malicious programs that infect some built-in applications.

In Flyme OS detected malicious code

Apparently, the latest beta version Flyme OS has several different viruses that have been seen by VirusTotal. Another test of previous assemblies indicates that these malicious programs have also been found in the previous version Flyme OS.

Meizu has not yet made an official statement on the cause of suspicious code in the operating system, but their Italian distributor claims that the results are false. However, users also scanned the firmware in the AVG, which also confirmed the presence of malicious code.

If the readings are accurate, then, is produced, Flyme team intentionally did it? Perhaps this malicious code is needed to send information on the use of developers, departure, error, and so on. D. Automatically.

Whatever the reason, keep in mind that at least the latest beta Flyme OS have malicious code, and even if he does not send data to an attacker, it can lead to an increase in data use, discharge the batteries and may even be able to send your Meizu personal information on servers.

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