In MS-DOS games can be played directly from tweets



Now, Twitter users can post classic games for MS-DOS directly in his writings on the social network.

This opportunity arose due to the project Internet Archive, which was on the site of the old catalog of gaming times MS-DOS. They work through the emulator DOSBox. Internet Archive connect your service to the Twitter Cards functions, which previously allowed allowed to publish news and reviews.

In MS-DOS games can be played directly from tweets

Cooperation Internet Archive and Twitter could greatly enhance the ability of records in social networks. Users not only can post tweets in his references to the MS-DOS-game, they are embedded in the entries so that they can be played directly on Twitter.

Embed the game in a tweet is very simple: just insert a link to it in your record. Then she transforms it into an interactive program card.

Unfortunately, attempts to play old games from Twitter mobile device failed. When you click on a tweet with the game, the user simply turns on the website Internet Archive. Most likely, this is due to the peculiarities of the emulator DOSBox, which assumes control of the game by using the keyboard and mouse. Perhaps this feature will add later on the mobile platform.

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