In the leaked render Xiaomi Mi5

Every day we get closer to the presentation Xiaomi Mi5. New rendering device found in Weibo showed the appearance of the device.

In the leaked render Xiaomi Mi5

In rendering it shows that the first for Xiaomi physical Home button will appear on your smartphone. Given this, the assumption is that Xiaomi will be used, is questionable technology ultrasonic fingerprint from Qualcomm.

Unlike conventional fingerprint scanners, ultrasound scan does not require keys. Ultrasound Scanner can be built even in the screen of the phone.

According to the analyst Pan Dzhiyutanga, Xiaomi found that Qualcomm’s technology is unreliable, so long as the company has decided to abandon its use.

At the renderer receives another piece of information. Xiaomi Mi5, according to rumors, will be presented on 21 January. We expect that the smartphone will be equipped with 5.2-inch display, Snapdragon processor and 820.

In the leaked render Xiaomi Mi5

The screen will get Force Touch support, Android 6.0 will be pre-installed into the device. According to liksteru Weibo, Xiaomi will release two versions of the smartphone. One will be sold at a price equivalent to $ 311, while the second model will cost $ 389.

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