Inbox has a new menu section and attachments

Inbox by Gmail is an interesting application which has received the main Gmail features, together with a number of popular extensions. One of its best features is the grouping of the letters, and now the app has received quite functional profile trips.

Inbox has a new menu section and attachments

Now, in the section traveling displays not only information about the flight, hotel or rental, the Google added two nice features. Firstly, you can manually add e-mail messages for a particular journey.

For example, if the Inbox incorrectly sorted mail, or you want to add something to the list, or the places you want to visit, you can easily do it.

Also, Inbox makes it easy to exchange parts with other trips, so that you can write about their poezdakah anyone and a letter will be displayed in the section.

In addition, the update becomes easier to get their latest pictures and attach multiple images to e-mail.

The new menu provides quick access to the photos so that users will not need to perform additional manipulations.

Traditionally, the update is already in Google Play, but will be available for all users within a week.

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