Inbox received three new features

Inbox received three new features

Since its launch in 2014, Inbox has been updated with lots of smart features that make email management easier. Today’s update adds a trio of new functions to better track the Google Calendar event, reduce mailing and to maintain links to view them later.

Inbox received three new features

With the new update the app will show you all the messages related to the event in Google Calendar. Forum events will now show all the letters and emphasize new details that may have been changed.

Additionally, Inbox now includes predpokaz mailings via e-mail within a certain theme. Clicking on the newsletter will show a list of articles with the thumbs and the first few lines. Scroll to the bottom of the previous show mailings from the same sender.

Finally, the update Inbox will be more than just an email client. Google notes that reading e-mail, people often retain a link to where they want to go. Now e-mail client received the function that makes it easy to save links.

Inbox will ask users if they want to save the URL-address, and if the user agrees, the application will add the articles in this section «Saved», Which organizes the links in chronological order.

These functions are activated via the server, so there is no need to update the application.

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