Installing the root DNS AirTab MA7001

Installing the root DNS AirTab MA7001

I greet you, dear users. Bought a smartphone DNS AirTab MA7001, want to get root rights and extend the functionality of the device? Guideroot wil help you.

What is the root

root  it is a super administrator . They can significantly speed up the operation of the device, effectively adjust the energy saving and much more. Read more about it  read here.

Tutorial how to root for DNS AirTab MA7001

The administration is not responsible for your actions! On the website Guideroot no paid programs and "left" instructions, if any. The following information is tested on a model of the DNS AirTab MA7001.


Installing the root DNS AirTab MA7001


  • Copy the application on the device and install, accepting the agreement on the use
  • Click "to get root"
  • Wait for the end of the process and alerting
  • Make checks smartphone root

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  1. The Chinese tablet cheap , junk , the shame is on sale to start!

  2. BPS Brigit fake China as I see 😀 Its not can produce

  3. Hack the Chinese shontropy. Do not throw money at the device from the DNS

  4. And these plates someone buys chtoli? DNS is not a disgrace to the service center of the line bundles pass stuff is unfinished

  5. Don’t like don’t buy. Rent is expensive here

  6. Hell sucks these DNS. Exactly what my claim to the tablet? Broken pixels that are not found immediately after purchase. Screen prehistoric quality , compared with the same  The Samsung. No new technology, just stand still and do not develop.

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