It became known date of Galaxy S7 launch in Europe

Samsung company has experience in simultaneous launches of its flagships in several countries, but the device does not always fall in all regions of the same day. Galaxy S6 has been available in Europe only a few weeks after the launch in the United States.

We heard that on 11 March will be the date when the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available for purchase in the US, but now it became known that the company decided to make the launch of the device on the same day in Europe. This information came from likstera @ShaiMizrachi, who published it in his Twitter-account.

The simultaneous launch means that Samsung are worried because of the competition, as long as LG launched its flagships in April, the Samsung has a head start in a few weeks. And given the fact that on February 24 Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi5 going to present, the South Korean giant is not worth tehnologicheskomv otlagat sale in different markets.

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