It became known possible date for the announcement of HTC M10

Annual exhibition MWC 2016, which will be held in Barcelona, ​​is steadily approaching, and it looks like the majority of smartphone manufacturers plan to show at the conference their latest and best products. But, apparently, the exception will be HTC.

It became known possible date for the announcement of HTC M10

Thanks to a little insider, we know that HTC is preparing to launch its flagship smartphone codenamed Perfume, which will subsequently become One device M10.

Despite the leak of the specifications and appearance, the company still manages to retain most of the information about the One M10 secret. Sooner or later, new details appear in the network. And, judging by it, HTC is going to miss the party and move MWC announcement of its smartphone at a later date.

The latest rumors on the matter say that HTC will present M10 April 11 at an event in London. The company may subsequently refuse M10 mark because the company previously faced criticism over the fact that the M8 and M9 is almost no different that had a negative impact on the sale of the latter. Thus, the company can carry out a restart.

Unfortunately, there is no substantial evidence to support these rumors, but they really ring true. Previous rumors claimed that HTC
We are planning M10 at the MWC, but they had to postpone the announcement of March, and the release date for April, due to failures in product design.

We also know that the M10 release can not be delayed for a long time, given that Samsung and LG have decided to fight at full strength.

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