Kirin 950 tested AnTuTu

Yesterday, Huawei unveiled the specifications of your processor Kirin 950, and Su across the chipset will be able to compete with the upcoming processors from Qualcomm and Samsung. Now, Huawei demonstrated the processing power of 950 Kirin.

Kirin 950 tested AnTuTu

Company officials have placed a large chip on the motherboard that is connected to the screen, and then run AnTuTu test – one of the most popular benchmark applications for Android-devices.

Constructions with the processor managed to get a huge score in the 82945 points. Although these results are impressive, in the end we should not expect the same processing power in the upcoming smartphones. Test failed in an open space, which led to the normal air circulation and ventilation. While the smartphone processor can not dissipate heat, and this will lead to thermal management and performance degradation.

Nevertheless, even placed in a smartphone, of Kirin 950 is quite a powerful processor and a demon doubt be able to cope with all tasks.

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