Korean regulator fined Qualcomm

Qualcomm has been difficult in 2015, in financial terms, and now an antitrust investigation in South Korea have raised questions about the licensing.

Korean regulator fined Qualcomm

The Korean Fair Trade Commission found that Qualcomm’s licensing practices violate national law “competition”.

More specifically, the problem lies in the fact that Qualcomm company expects the license fee for the total cost of mobile product, rather than the associated costs of technologies that use the Company’s intellectual property.

South Korea’s investigation have not yet decided exactly what actions to take, but most likely, the company expects heavy fines. Qualcomm has said it will challenge the conclusions contained in the report is “incorrect application of the law”.

This is not the first time that a start against Qualcomm antitrust investigation. Earlier this year, the company paid about $ 1 billion to move the end of the 14-month investigation by China, where anti-competitive licensing policy was seen.

Qualcomm is also two antitrust suit brought against the EU regarding predatory pricing on processors for 3G-Modem.

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