& Laquo; Android for Work & raquo; appeared in the Play Store



A program that allows the user to conveniently use your Android-device for both work and personal life, is now available for system versions 4.0-4.4 and 5.0. While its use is limited.

& Laquo; Android for Work & raquo; appeared in the Play Store

Program «Android for Work» It was announced back in February, but fell in the Play Store yesterday. This app is created to separate data used for operation, from the rest of the information on the device. It will be useful for those who actively use a smartphone or tablet to create a working document of the Working correspondence storage working contacts.

Android for Work allows you to create two versions of the same program – personal and work. Depending on the mode in which the application runs, data is stored in one or another cell. As a result, the user gets a separate list of contacts, calendar, and a separate list of tasks separate mail and separate programs for creating documents. Now, different data will not be mixed, and the user can access their work files from any device.

Unfortunately, Android for Work available for only a few companies that have become partners of the project and agreed with the use of Google Apps.

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