& Laquo; Heroes: With Fire and Sword & raquo; – New server and promotions!



Recently we told you about a new MMORPG called «Heroes: With Fire and Sword». The game turned out to be not only interesting, exciting and beautiful, but also with «powerful» support.

& Laquo; Heroes: With Fire and Sword & raquo; - New server and promotions!

Releasing application developers began his active support: to release updates, to hold various contests and promotions. This same post will coincide with the opening of a new server – «Mercury», Well, the process of development of territories went faster – and even shares.

Recall that «Heroes: With Fire and Sword» is a multiplayer online game in which we are talking about the monsters, rescue of urban residents and the throne of the country. Game details «Heroes: With Fire and Sword» You can find out in our review. By the way, the game is now located on the vacant site Topa 35 free spins on the digital version of the Google Play store. Nearby Asphalt 8 and Cash of Clans, I think that further words are unnecessary …

Well, we turn to our action. The server named «Mercury» It will be launched on January 21 at 10:00 Moscow time. But now for the daily visit the game can get 200 certificates to improve the skills and buy a new outfit for our hero. Well, and then every day will float a variety of news and information about promotions. For more information, visit the social network game vk.com/heroesmmo .

Have a good gaming!

Authors: Dennis Miller ([email protected] | vk.com/god_den)

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