& Ldquo; N & ldquo; means & ldquo; Nutella & rdquo ;?

Of course, while there is a ton of news about Android N, one particular aspect of the new version of the operating system continues to be unknown. This name.

& Ldquo; N & ldquo; means & ldquo; Nutella & rdquo ;?

Following tradition, currently codenamed Android N is kept secret as long as Google has not officially announced its presentation. However, this does not mean that Google will not tease us until then.

The post, which was sent to Google vice president of engineering at Android, Hiroshi Lokheymerom, talks about the new version of the operating system, but it was interesting, it’s the final words of Vice President.

They read as follows: “So, the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind: what will the N release be named? We’re nut telling’ you yet.” (“So, the burning question that is of concern to all: how to be called Release N? While we do not say“).

Specially introduced error in the word “not” together with the word “tellin’” immediately brings to mind the word “Nutella”And may thus Google hints at a new operating system name.

However, no official confirmation of this is just speculation, and it is possible that Android N will take the name of the other nut dessert. Well, we can only wait for the official release.

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