Leaders of Samsung come in blue and green coloring



South Korean company Samsung has released its top model Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 Edge with exclusive body colors.

New colors have been called  Blue Topaz (Blue Topaz) and Green Emerald (Green Emerald). Versions Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 Edge with these body colors were shown during his flagship line of presentation, but in the market they will appear just now.

Leaders of Samsung come in blue and green coloring

Among Samsung say that they decided to release the flagship model in exclusive colors, allow users to express their individuality and creativity.

By the way, while we’re waiting for a beautiful new items on the shelves, psychologists had to draw psychological profiles of potential buyers of the brightest smartphone. British psychologist Donna Dawson said that the blue version will notice people confident, rigorous and demanding of himself and endowed with a special sensibility. But green version asks for the hand of man balanced, hard-working and friendly.

It is unknown how much will it cost new. There is also no information on exactly when it goes on sale in some countries will be available.

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