Lei Jun has published a teaser Xiaomi Mi5

We all want to quickly see the flagship Xiaomi Mi5 xiaomi, which will be launched next month. And as often happens, a few weeks before the announcement, the company’s chairman, Lei Jun publishes teasers of the upcoming device. Last night, he posted a screenshot of Mo 5 that two features of the smartphone.

Lei Jun has published a teaser Xiaomi Mi5

The status bar displays znachёk N, which indicates the presence of NFC. Earlier leaked rumors that Xiaomi NFC intend to return in the new flagship, which was confirmed. After removal from the Mi4 technology in 2014, it seems, the company decided to again resort to its use.

Another feature that is confirmed by the company, is the support of two SIM-cards. We can clearly see the two icons network with 4G LTE, which confirms the proposal.

In addition to these two functions, Lei Jun pointed out in another post, that the device has many surprises. He uses a smartphone more than a month and states that the overall impression of the device is beyond imagination. Well, with the Snapdragon 820 on board and 4 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi Mi5 will be officially launched on February 24, so we should expect a few more teasers from various companies.

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