Lenovo abandon the brand Motorola

Although Motorola and Lenovo have managed to bring a profit last year, largely due to the brand, the Chinese company has decided to drop the name “Motorola“.

Lenovo abandon the brand Motorola

In an interview with Cnet, CEO of Motorola, Rick Osterloh said the company moves to phase out from Motorola, and focus on the Moto.

Thus, all smartphones produced by Motorola will be called Moto by Lenovo. Motorola logo will also be used in smart phones, although the Lenovo logo will also be present on the devices.

renaming strategy is most likely touches and accessories line of Motorola, which includes Moto Moto 360 and 360 Sports, however Osterloh did not mention this.

During the consolidation of the bodies Motorola, and the Lenovo, the Chinese manufacturer will introduce its own line of Vibe to markets that were previously only available for smartphones Motorola, while Moto devices will be positioned as a premium smartphone.

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