Lenovo and Google unveiled Project Tango PHABLET

A few days ago we told you that Lenovo and Google announce a new Project Tango device. And now the company introduced a new PHABLET using Project Tango technology.

Lenovo and Google unveiled Project Tango PHABLET

The project uses a combination of cameras and sensors placed on mobile devices, for the production of 3D-maps.

Although the smart phone and tablet for developers already available, they were not intended for consumers. Today, Lenovo announced PHABLET for consumers based on Project Tango technology.

PHABLET equipped with a screen diagonal of less than 6.5-inches. The device receives a 4-megapixel rear camera with 180-degree lens Fish Eye. The front camera has a 120-degree lens.

To demonstrate the work of Project Tango at CES, the project manager Jonny Lee used one of the devices for the developer and proskanirovab scene of the press conference.

Thus, game developers for the helmets of virtual reality will be able to use the technology for their projects. As expected, the cost of Lenovo PHABLET will be $ 500.

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