Lenovo posted a teaser K4 Note

The Lenovo last week, the company began a series of teasers for the upcoming Q4 Note, which we assume will be the successor of the affordable K3 Note, which was launched earlier this year.

Lenovo posted a teaser K4 Note

In the past the teaser was not clear whether a new smartphone called K4 Note, but now the Chinese company confirmed the name.

In addition, the company continues to tease us continues device specifications.

The new teaser we can expect that Lenovo will equip its upcoming 3 GB RAM – 1 GB more than its predecessor.

Some reports also indicate that the amount of internal storage will be 32 GB, which is twice more than in Q3 Note. The new model will be equipped with a metal housing.

The latest rumors suggest a fingerprint scanner, and the device can operate on the basis of eight-processor MediaTek Helio X10.

K4 Note will be officially announced in 2016, and January seems quite possible launch date, considering how readily, Lenovo places teasers arranged.

We can predperemestit that K4 Note may appear on at CES, but this information has not been confirmed.

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