Lenovo will maintain Vibe lineup after restructuring

As part of the ongoing large-scale restructuring of the Lenovo, the company recently announced that it will merge its mobile division from Motorola. Another report also suggested that Lenovo refuses Vibe series and by Lemon, to simplify its product line. However, Lenovo on this score have their own plans.

Lenovo will maintain Vibe lineup after restructuring

In a recent address Lenovo spokeswoman said that “Vibe remains an important family of mobile brand Lenovo … we plan to further expand and develop the franchise in all regions around the world”.

We know that Lenovo has launched a mobile business reorganization of a legal person under Motorola. The company also said that it will rely on Motorola’s design, development and manufacture of smartphones.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all Lenovo branded device will disappear, and we expect that the company will retain some of its brands in the regions where they are popular.

The only thing that remains a mystery, so this is how these changes will affect the design of Lenovo’s future phones.

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