Lenovo will release a smartphone with a curved screen



Chinese company Lenovo is developing a smart new flagship, codenamed Coco-F. The project involves the use of a curved glass display.

While information on the development of Lenovo is very small. If you focus on several promotional images of the project, we can conclude that the manufacturer is going to bend the screen completely, about the way it is implemented in the model LG G Flex and the new flagship of the G4.

Lenovo will release a smartphone with a curved screen

However, the advertising poster, which shows only the screen window, they are placed convex side up. whether developers are going to make a convex smartphone (which is a very strange decision) or that glass are so simple beauty, it is still unknown.

We also learned about a few peculiarities of the Chinese smartphone bent. Developers are going to equip it with a fingerprint scanner, although it has long been no surprise (for example, the Chinese company Xiaomi embed scanner directly in the glass screen, and their brethren did UleFone super-fast fingerprint sensor). In addition, Lenovo decided to please fans selfie-shots and build a new smart phone front camera with high resolution.

The more we find out in the second half of 2015, when the company officially announces a new product.

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