LG announced the possibility UX 5.0

LG announced the possibility UX 5.0

For the mobile manufacturer is not uncommon to make their own touches to the Android software. For example, the Samsung offering shell TouchWiz, HTC Sense shell equips its devices, and LG smartphones come with a shell UX.

LG announced the possibility UX 5.0

Graphical shell UX 5.0 will be deployed along with preparing for sales flagship smartphone LG G5. The new device will make its debut on the international market in the coming Friday and the LG company offered a short clip showing UX 5.0 in action.

G5 Reputation:, as you probably already know, it includes a unique modular aspect. The modules, called “Friends“Are attached to the bottom of the device. LG has produced several different modules, including one for playing high-definition audio, and the other for better camera control.

There is no doubt that the company is very risks to whether they will be able to “killer-feature” pay off, however, UX 5.0 is aimed at is to ensure the functionality of the modules in perfect harmony with the device, as shown by a new three-minute video.

The UX 5.0 will be LG Friends Manager application that provides smartphone and sync modules and video shows software features that accompany a new, improved camera.

Update touched home screen which retains much of the appearance UX 4.0, but at the same time adds a number of additional functions, such as the absence of the application menu. Video shows applications such as LG Health, Smart Doctor, World Clock and LG Backup.

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