LG G5 appeared on the new renderers

It seems, LG G5 has decided to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the number of leaks. Just yesterday we saw an opportunity to live photos of the smartphone and now he appeared on the renderers.

Like last time, the device presented itself in a protective cover, confirming some details of the appearance of the smartphone. For example, we are increasingly confident that the LG G5 will be equipped with dual-core camera.

Round fingerprint scanner is also located on the rear panel, and the volume buttons are on the side of the device, which is quite unusual for the G series, but it is consistent with previous rumors about LG G5.

Also on the lower part we can see the connector USB Type-C and speaker, while a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. On the smartphone side you can notice a microphone, and a second hole, most likely, is the IR transmitter. The only thing that we can not see the sliding housing, through which it will be possible to remove the battery.

Of course, we can not say that the future flagship will look that way, but accessories manufacturers get a pretty accurate drawings, becoming a reliable

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