LG G5 can get unusual design

As stated in the recent report from Korea, the upcoming flagship of LG’s pretty much will change in terms of the overall design.

LG G5 can get unusual design

As reported, G5 will receive a modular design, with retractable bottom part of the smartphone. Thus, to remove the battery, the user will simply need to pull the lower part of the device and, if necessary, replace the battery. Despite this, the phone will have been charged, and any other device – through a port in the bottom.

In addition, the LG may refuse to accommodate the volume keys on the rear panel. Instead, volume up and down buttons will appear on the side of the device. The power button will still be located on the back side, it is also reported that the Home button will function as a fingerprint scanner.

Other specifications of the smartphone, according to the report, include the Snapdragon 820 and the metal housing. Usually LG produces its flagships in April, May or June. Nevertheless, given the plans to launch Samsung Galaxy S7, there is a chance that LG may move the release schedule of its flagship.

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