LG G5 receive a metal housing

The fourth generation flagship smartphones from LG, LG G4, was quite controversial device. On the one hand, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6, it has retained a removable cover, which can be changed, and more importantly, a removable battery. Nevertheless, the device loses its competitor in terms of design. While the Samsung both switched to their metal casings and glass, LG G4 body still consisted of plastic.

LG G5 receive a metal housing

Apparently, the South Korean company decides to correct this flaw. According to the latest rumors, LG G5 will have a metal frame. If true, this will be the first representative of a metallic LG’s flagship smartphone, after four generations of plastic devices.

This is quite expected step as the next competitors producer has long moved to what is called “premium design”. Apparently, the appearance of rumors G5 means that the device can be represented by the following year, at about the same time as the Galaxy S7. The smartphone can be one of the devices that will run on a processor Snapdragon 820. The rumors also claim that the G5 will be available immediately after the smartphone will be announced.

Unfortunately, there is all the information about the upcoming flagship. But given that the smartphone will be presented only in the next year, we can expect a sufficient amount of rumor and leaks.

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