LG G5 will go on sale next month

LG G5 will go on sale next month

The upcoming LG G5 appeared in a new advertisement, which offers a look at the modular aspect ustroystva.v
Ability to replace components may be one of the main chip G5 Galaxy S7 as opposed curved screen. But more interesting is that the company has confirmed the release date for the smartphone.

LG G5 will go on sale next month

According to the commercials, we will be able to witness the launch of the smartphone on 1 April. LG Company has long played second fiddle in the Battle of the South Korean tech giants in the mobile space.

But rather than just give up, LG aims to take the championship in all sectors, coming up with a function that, in the current monotony of the smartphone market, is both bold and pretty radical solution.

This may be a failure, or it could be the best thing that happened with smartphones – the proof will be found, when we see a report about sales. But LG should be commended for their courage, and while the modular design Ara attracted keen interest in their development, LG has become the forefront of such devices.

Will LG G5 help to increase the company’s market share – is another matter. But with smartphones that have a tendency to be similar in many ways in terms of features, there is every reason to believe that the upcoming device is able to arouse the interest of those who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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