LG launched its payment service next month

Mobile payments are becoming more and more popular. payment system already has several platforms, and apparently, the market will be another player soon.

LG launched its payment service next month

In an interview with Korea Times, LG has confirmed that it plans to launch its own mobile payment system in the next month. Now LG are busy registration of transactions with the largest companies issuing credit cards in South Korea before starting the service. Unfortunately, no details of either the official name or an exact launch date of the service.

It is also not known whether LG will use NFC, or only give preference to MST (magnetic secure transmission of both Samsung Pay).

Of course, LG will be difficult to gain traction among giants such as Apple, Samsung and the Google, which offer their own payment service, but the market is still in its infancy, so that LG has every chance to occupy a niche. But before the company will do something that will motivate people to buy a smartphone LG and use their new mobile payment service.

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