LG LG recognize marriage in the G4

In the rapidly changing world of consumer technology, LG G4 moves toward obsolescence. Last year’s flagship will soon be replaced by the next generation of series G. Although LG G4 managed to avoid competition problems, equipped with Snapdragon 808, almost a year later, many users began to notice another marriage.

LG LG recognize marriage in the G4

Recently, various social networks unit owners complained that the smartphone goes into eternal boot. And now LG recognized the problem and promised to repair the devices affected by the fault of the manufacturer.

As it turned out, this is a hardware problem, not something that can be corrected by a simple OTA update, however, the company promised free repair each of the victims.

If your G4 has left in butlup, LG advises you to take it back to where it was purchased or to the nearest LG service center. The Korean manufacturer has provided the item in the rules, so users can expect «Repair for full warranty».

The only question remains is whether to allow the free LG diagnose the G4 those, who do not yet suffer from the above problem, but still at risk.

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