LG plans to expand the range of K-series

Cheaper processors are faster and they are more than enough for everyday tasks. More and more mid-range devices are becoming popular among consumers. Like Samsung, LG aims to unify all of its middle-class devices under a recognizable brand.

LG plans to expand the range of K-series

While the device of the lower and middle segment, K7 and K10, were announced at CES last week, LG also plans to make a run K8 smartphones, K4 and K5. The slogan for the device LG K-series sounds ka “Find your style”.

May not each smart K-series is available in a particular market, but users will have a variety of choices, and LG, in turn, finds a market where the device may become popular.

The company’s growth has been stable in recent years, and it really will give LG a chance to take market share in the segment of smartphones and the lower mid-range.

By LG, designed it seems to be focused on young people, because the design of devices and functions that extend the capabilities Self, will be thrilled with this age group.

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