LG presented biooptical sensor

We do not know whether this technology LG G5 will get, but the research division of the company have announced that they have developed an incredibly slim biooptical sensor for thin smartphones and wearable devices.

LG presented biooptical sensor

Tiny sensor only 1 mm (0.04 inches) thick, but still this module includes a photodiode, the LEDs 5 and the IC chip, which allows to measure heart rate, stress index and even the oxygen saturation levels.

On top of all this, the optical sensor has a lower power consumption and higher accuracy than existing similar products, paving the way for thinner devices integrated biometrics.

LG has stated that the use of additional technologies, such as printed circuit board technology to make the device thinner.

The scanner also received gold items for better efficiency, so biometric signals are boosted by 30%, allowing you to spend less energy on their use.

LG presented biooptical sensor

Overall energy efficiency of the sensor is improved by 20%, compared with existing solutions, and increased precision means that the instrument will measure your pulse to the deviation ± 5 u. / Min. when moving ± 2 and u. / min. at a fixed position.

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