Mail Mail.Ru adapted for Android Auto


  Author: updated Mail client. Now the application is suitable for use in automotive multimedia systems under the control of Android Auto.

Now the mobile client will display information about new messages on the car screen system that can be easily read. In addition, a simplified message management. Not being distracted from driving, the driver will be able to reply to a message, simply dictate text or selecting it from the list of templates. To delete a message or move it to another folder, it will be possible using the buttons on the steering wheel.

Mail Mail.Ru adapted for Android Auto

Deputy Vice-President of the Mail.Ru Group on Strategic Products Alexey Sergeev is proud to announce that they have become the first Russian company, which introduced its e-mail service in the car operating system. At Mail.Ru Group understands that Russia is in the use of such systems is limited, but rely on the rapid development of this market.

By the way, not only do they understand that the market of automobile systems on the basis of Android Auto will develop rapidly. Analysts predict that in 5 years the number of users of automotive systems from Google reaches 40 million.

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