MediaTek has improved the energy efficiency of processors



The company MediaTek has officially introduced a new line of mobile chips Helio X20 and told them a competitive advantage.

Information that MediaTek will soon release a new processor desyatiyaderny for mobile devices, it appeared last week.

Now the company has officially revealed the new product and explained its decision to create a three-cluster chip. Many were skeptical of the fact that manufacturers of mobile iron again took up «nuclear race». By the way, Qualcomm rival decided not to lag behind and also preparing to release a three-cluster desyatiyaderny Snapdragon 818.

MediaTek has improved the energy efficiency of processors

The use of two-cluster chip users may well find: use a bunch of weak low-frequency cores for simple tasks, but when working with demanding applications to include in the cluster with high-frequency cores. MediaTek tried to explain why the three-cluster processor better than usual for us the model.

MediaTek showed that such a distribution of the nuclei in the three groups can significantly improve energy efficiency, which is one of the key metrics for mobile devices. According to the results of their research, three-cluster chip consumes power at 30% less than the two-cluster.

The manufacturer attributes this to the fact that the three modes of the processor allows much more efficient use of resources for different purposes. MediaTek says that the creation of such a «speed» system inspired their transmission system in the car.

MediaTek has improved the energy efficiency of processors

MediaTek Helio X20 processors will appear in the devices at the beginning of 2016.

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